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Georges River College Oatley Senior Campus

UNIQUE Senior Environment

At Oatley you will be mixing only with senior students who have the same focus as you – to best prepare for the HSC, University, TAFE, training or future employment. At Oatley you are seen to be young adults. The Campus reflects this view of you and so the Campus operates more along the lines of a tertiary institution. This ensures that when you move onto university or other tertiary study you are extremely well prepared to operate in a more independent learning environment. GRC Oatley Campus is truly a bridge to higher education and life long learning.
Oatley offers students a chance to study in a mature setting where the learning ethos, the facilities and the relationships between teachers and students all contribute to a partnership which is both dynamic and effective.

Unparalleled subject choice

As a Year 11 or 12 student you have the opportunity to choose from a total of 78 courses, with 22 – 24 courses offered in any timeslot. Most importantly, English, Maths and other popular subjects are offered on every timetable line, giving you the best opportunity to study exactly what you wish.
Oatley is the largest school-based VET provider in NSW with 47% of students studying vocational courses which provide credit towards the HSC, TAFE and industry credentials. Students studied courses taught by school teachers in Construction, Business Services, Entertainment, Retail, Information and Digital Technology, Hospitality and Sport Coaching. A further 189 students studied five TAFE courses onsite at Oatley through the Sydney Institute in Accounting, Child Studies, Photography, Tourism, Nursing or Design and courses available at other TAFE campuses.
As an Oatley student you have the best chance to study the subjects best suited to your ability, interests and future career plans.

Respect Responsibility and Excellence

Oatley students are responsible young adults. Throughout your time at Oatley there will be a strong emphasis on self-development, self-motivation and self-discipline. Success will be reliant on your ability to take responsibility for your learning and actions, always striving for excellence and treating all members of our community with respect.


GRC Oatley has a unique prefecture system in that it offers all students the opportunity to become a Prefect over the two years they attend the Campus. All students are invited to complete a passport outlining their involvement in, and contribution to, school and community activities. Should their involvement and achievements warrant, students can graduate with the honorific of Prefect. There are many opportunities for leadership at GRC Oatley – through election to the Student Representative Council, selection as Captains or Vice-Captains, coordinators of school committees and organisations, school representatives on College special interest groups and at community activities.

Young adult learning environment

GRC Oatley is a unique and purpose designed young adult learning facility. Learning spaces allow students to simultaneously participate in a variety of activities, such as lectures, small group problem solving and practical work. The campus also has theatrettes and a lecture theatre which mean students are familiar with this type of learning environment when they reach university.
More adult teaching methods are used to develop students as adult learners and prepare them for tertiary education. Young adult learning is based on respect between student and teacher and this respect is fostered through everything we do at Oatley.
There are 630 computer access points across the site and the school has wireless for student devices in all areas. Also available is a website with subject links which allows students to access a wide range of information, communication tools and learning activities.

Creating Your Future

85% of Oatley students who are ATAR eligible gain a place at university. 20% of students successfully enrol at TAFE or with private education providers. 13% of students find employment opportunities in the workforce. 97.5% of all leavers are productive members of society engaged in further education, training or employment.
GRC Oatley creates a positive future for all students

Georges River College Oatley Senior Campus

Oatley Ave & Hurstville Rd
Oatley, NSW 2223
Phone: 02 8567 3700
Fax: 02 9570 3622


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Key Details:

  • Type: Government
  • Level: Senior
  • Gender: Coed
  • Religious Affiliation: Non-Denominational
  • Academically Selective: Yes
  • International Students: Yes


Student comments: Year 12 2015

I love this school. I transferred from a school I did not wish to attend. (At Oatley) I couldn’t even wait for the first bell and hated to hear the last bell. The teachers and the students were all amazing. I will surely miss the place, people, teachers, even the transport to the Campus in the morning!


GRC Oatley Senior Campus is an excellent school and the professional learning atmosphere really motivated students to do well. I would absolutely recommend this school for future students who want to succeed In the HSC and have a positive learning experience with many encouraging people.


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