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North Lake Senior Campus

North Lake Senior Campus - The Year 11 and 12 alternative

Sometimes things don’t go as planned in your final years at school.
It’s not the end of the world.

At North Lake Senior Campus we specialise in offering second chances and turning lives around.

We have courses that will help you get into university or training or to gain an apprenticeship or a job.

You might have dropped out of school and now feel ready to give it another go, things might not be working out at your present school or you might have had trouble finishing Year 11 or 12 because you have been ill.

After a chat with one of North Lake Senior Campus' highly experienced enrolment consultants, or our Principal Mary Margetts you’ll have a clear idea of how we can help you achieve your dreams.

One thing is for certain. North Lake Senior Campus is different. There are no bells and you’re treated, and expected to act, as an adult.

Mature aged students are very welcome and you don’t need to live nearby – our students come to us from all over the metropolitan area.

Fast Track, located in central Fremantle, will help if you’re not quite ready for Year 11 while the Intensive English Centre caters for newly arrived migrants and refugees.

As 2010 NLSC dux and WACE certificate of Excellence winner Jessica-Claire Paterson-Hollow said: "So many people are at North Lake specifically to help, it might not be like your other school. Even if you're just feeling overwhelmed there will be someone to help."

Give North Lake Senior Campus a call on 9314 0444 or have a look at our website.

What our students say

“There’s such an encouraging atmosphere at North Lake Senior Campus. You don’t ever feel frightened to ask for help. Being at North Lake Senior Campus is like being in a warm embrace.” (Laura, mature age student who returned to school as the first step towards achieving her dream of becoming a vet nurse.)

At North Lake Senior Campus there’s a real openness among the teachers and a willingness to engage with students. There’s a relaxed, chilled school environment. There will always be great people at North Lake.” (Yann, 2011 NLSC student council president and dux.)

When I came to Australia I had no one. As soon as I came to North Lake Senior Campus I found everything." (Iraj, 2010 Defence Force Trades Scholarship winner)

"I never liked school or thought I could do well until I came to North Lake." (Matt, who joined the Digital Games & Simulations course at NLSC in 2010 and completed units at Murdoch University while still at school.)

"If you are committed to achieving your goals the staff at North Lake Senior Campus will support you all the way." (Joanne, who returned to school after a break of 30 years and went on to study at Curtin Uni.)

"I found what I really wanted to do and got really motivated to go where I wanted to go. At North Lake Senior Campus I realised I was good at things and I liked getting good grades." (Samantha, top Wholly School Assessed student at NLSC in 2010. She is currently working on a Certificate 4 in Education Support Uni Combo at Beaconsfield Institute of Technology and Murdoch University.)

"I'm really, really glad I came to North Lake." (Tamara, 2009 TER 98.2. Physiotherapy, Curtin University 2010.)

North Lake Senior Campus Intensive English Centre

Who can attend...

Are you new to this country?
Are you 16 to 21-years-of-age?
Do you want to learn or improve your English as soon as possible? Then come and join the Intensive English Centre (IEC) at North Lake Senior Campus.

We are in Kardinya, south of the river with easy access to public transport.

What is offered...

We have classes that cater for everyone, including students with no English, beginners or at an intermediate level. We have qualified ethnic assistants who are available to help students with interpretation from their home language to English.

Who to contact...

For further information and enrolment details, please contact:

Sean Bruce-Cullen
Deputy Principal of the IEC

Tel: (08) 9314 0444

Fremantle Fast Track

Fast Track offers a program equivalent to year 10 for post compulsory aged individuals

The course provides:
• An opportunity to complete Year 10
• Flexible entry and exit throughout the year.

The course is:
• Fully Centrelink accredited
• For anyone at least 16 years old
• Self paced using individual Independent Learning Contracts.

Subjects offered include:
• Year 10 English
• Year 10 Maths
• Year 10 Career Education
• Structured Workplace Learning (SWL)

What are the entry requirements?
• Students has to be motivated and want to complete Year 10
• Students must be 16 years or over in the year of commencement
• Every prospective student is to attend a personal interview.

Once enrolled
• Satisfactory completion of a six-week probationary period is required in order to maintain enrolment
• Students must maintain their good standing status to remain in the program.

After completing the Fast Track Program your future prospects may include:
• Vocational Programs
• WACE subjects
• Training related subjects
• Employment.

The role of Fremantle Fast Track is to provide an opportunity for post compulsory aged individuals to access a flexible, holistic, educational program to complete the minimum level of education required for further study, education, employment and/or training.

Our ultimate GOAL is to create and work within a tolerant, caring and respectful learning environment, using a variety of strategies appropriate to student needs.

Our VISION is to empower and equip students for further education, employment and positive citizenship

Want to know more?
For further information and enrolment details call (08) 9430 7376 between 8:30am and 3pm weekdays

Courses available

WACE subjects

Music Industry Skills (Technical Production) 1A/B, 1C/D; Visual Arts 1C/D; Certificate II in Visual Art & Contemporary Craft.

Applied Information Technology (AIT) 1C/D, 3A/B; Certificate I in AIT; Certificate II in AIT; Business Management & Enterprise 1A/B, 1C/D; Design-Graphics Context 1A/B, 1C/D.

Design-Photography Context 1A/B, 2A/B; Certificate I in Engineering; Certificate II in Visual Art & Contemporary Craft.

English 1C/D, 2A/B, 2C/D, 3A/B: Literature 2A/B, 3A/B; English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD) 1A/B, 1C/D, 2A/B, 3A/B.

Workplace Learning 1A/B, 1C/D; Career & Enterprise 1A/B, 1C/D; Children Family & the Community 1A/B, 1C/D, Certificate I in Work Preparation.

Chinese: Background Speakers 2A/B

Maths 1B/C, 1D/E, 2A/B, 2C/D, 3A/B, 3C/D; Maths Specialist 3A/B, 3C/D.

Health Education 1A/B, 1C/D; Physical Education Studies 1A/B, 1C/D.

Chemistry 2A/B, 3A/B; Human Biology 2A/B, 3A/B; Integrated Science 1A/B, 1C/D; Physics 2A/B, 3A/B.

Politics & Law 2A/B, 3A/B; Psychology 2A/B, 3A/B; Geography 2A/B; Modern History 2A/B, 3A/B, Certificate I & II in Retail Services.

• Hospitality Operations
• Industrial Studies

Digital Games & Simulations Design.


Fast Track is located in the old Princess May Building in central Fremantle. The course is designed for students who have completed Year 10 and need extra support to be able to successfully continue with education or to prepare for work or training. It is a program with an alternative learning approach for young people wanting to resume or complete their secondary education. 9430 7376.

This is a program for people who need to study at their own rate from home; from hospital; while traveling or while working away.
It is well suited for people with health issues; caring responsibilities; full or part-time work commitments; elite sport involvement.

Jump Start is a 15-week in-class course aiming to develop employability skills and examine career options. It has been designed for students who have completed Year 10 but do not want to continue their education in a school environment.

We’ve developed the LDP for students with limited or interrupted schooling who are not eligible to take part in the Intensive English Program. It’s a one-year course intended to develop your language skills and help you get a job.

This course has been set up for students who have completed the Intensive English Course but need time to further develop their language skills before taking on work at Stage 1,2 or 3 levels.

If you are a new arrival in Australia, interested in learning English in preparation for high school, training or university and aged over 16 years, the IEC could be for you.

The IEC provides specialist intensive English language instruction covering the language requirement of all learning areas.

North Lake Senior Campus

188 Winterfold Road
Kardinya, WA 6163
Phone: 08 9314 0444
Fax: 08 9337 8498



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Key Details:

  • Type: Government
  • Level: Senior
  • Gender: Coed
  • Religious Affiliation: Non-Denominational
  • Mature Age Students: Yes
  • International Students: Yes
  • Language Immersion/Bi-Lingual: Yes


Enrolments are now open.
Please call 08 9314 0444 to make an appointment.

We are happy to provide tours of the campus.
Just call 9314 0444 to arrange a time.


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