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Erasmus Primary School

About Us

The primary years are the time to lay a firm foundation for the adult of tomorrow. At the heart of all that we do at Erasmus Primary School is the desire to provide every child with all that he or she needs to flourish and live a good, civilised and cultured life for the enrichment of society. This means developing a character that is resilient, courageous, happy, alert, efficient, effective and disciplined.
Through the provision of the finest materials, a rich and rigorous academic program, Fine Arts, classical languages, philosophy and meditation, we seek to empower each child to express his or her unique talents whole-heartedly with true self confidence.
At Erasmus, we regard each child as pure, perfect and complete. We see it as our primary task to ensure that this perfection is allowed to crystallise and shine. In the primary years, the child has great capacity to hold knowledge, and everything that is taught goes in, and forms the capital for life. It is during these years that the basic knowledge and the character of the child are formed. Therefore, we consider it essential that only the best and finest material is provided, along with an harmoniously balanced measure of love and discipline so that the knowledge can be received most effectively.
Our focus is the cultivation of every aspect of the child's being – mind, body, heart and spirit. The school is non-denominational, and offers philosophy, meditation and mindfulness practices as a way of nurturing all four aspects of the being.  Our approach ensures that our students are happy and well behaved while achieving optimum levels of success in whatever they undertake, be it academic, artistic, physical or emotional. Our school builds character, encourages respect and consideration for others and develops a well-rounded person with a sharpness of mind that helps to bring out the best in each.  Our aim is to realise our motto, Let Your Light Shine.  Our aim is to let the light of each and every child shine.


Our curriculum provides a thorough, systematic grounding in English and Mathematics. Other subjects include Scripture and Philosophy, Science, Social Studies, History and Geography. We take a classical approach to languages including studies in Sanskrit and Latin. A diverse palette of visual and performing arts programmes includes Art, Music, Drama, Dance, Craft and activities such as needlework, woodwork, calligraphy and hospitality. These pursuits greatly assist in the development of intellectual, cognitive and emotional skills, self-expression and fine and gross motor skills. All children are set regular homework.

All children sing songs of praise, enjoy fine music, learn prayers, read and recite fine literature and participate in plays, assemblies and sacred celebrations. Throughout their studies, children delight in time-honoured myths and legends from around the world. Incursions and excursions enable them to meet inspiring role models.

We use simple mindfulness exercises to help focus the mind and enable children to develop an inner quiet, strength and steadiness. They are then able to attend with greater application to the task at hand. For example, the children learn to pause and be still and quiet for a few moments before and after each activity. From the age of 10 about 10 minutes is set aside twice a day for quiet, reflective time. With parental approval these older children can learn meditation.

Health and Physical Education incorporates key pursuits such as swimming, athletics, gymnastics, cross country running and ball games. We participate in Kew District Sport competitions. Children in Years 4-6 attend annual camps. Information & Communication Technology, and Design and Technology programmes are integrated into other subjects.

After school activities available include art, chess, dance, yoga and tennis. Students can take up private lessons in piano, violin, cello and classical guitar. After school care is also offered on site.

Student wellbeing is an integral part of child development and the learning experience. We use the Federal Government’s KidsMatter framework to help us develop a positive school community with integrated social emotional learning for students.

Classes are non-composite with class teachers supported by specialist teachers in Art, Dance, Music and Physical Education. Where learning assistance is needed learning support teachers work with the children one-on-one or in small groups. In situations where more challenge is needed extension is provided by the class teacher and through additional extension opportunities.

To help monitor academic progress, all children regularly participate in class assessments as well as National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) in Years 3 and 5 as well as recognised standardised tests for literacy and numeracy. Students may be involved in external competitions in English, mathematics, science, languages, poetry and sport, or music recitals, eisteddfods and visual arts displays.


We provide a healthy, wholesome, organic morning tea and lunch every day for all children and staff. Meals are prepared with great care in our own kitchen. Everyone sits down together to enjoy the good company and serving each other.

Erasmus Primary School

40 Lisson Grove
Hawthorn, VIC 3122
Phone: 03 9819 1266
Fax: 03 9818 5958



Key Details:

  • Type: Independent
  • Level: Primary
  • Gender: Coed
  • Religious Affiliation: Inter-Denominational
  • Learning Extension: Yes


School Tours

Tuesdays 12.15am followed by a nutritious organic, vegetarian lunch with the children and staff.



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